Coffee Collection Retired

Sterling silver 2-piece set of coffee cups

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"OHM runs on coffee! Are you a true coffee fan? Grab a caffeine drink of your choice and STAY in. Sip, sip, aaah. Are you up for a little DIY or crafting? Do you have a spot to sit and read a book? When was the last time you rebuilt your bracelets? No matter what you decide to do next, remember - do what makes you happy. You only live once. Wherever you sit, stand, or lay with a cup of OHM and a little mindful meditation you are never alone on your path. #OHMiswithyou
Coffee Collection, by OHM, the July 2017 Bead of the Month, a two-bead limited edition set. In Julys past we’ve had a Latte, and a Caramel Latte, now you have something to drink from! Only 555 sets have been created. Each bead is serialized and engraved as a set with an individual code (e.g., 55A/55B, etc.). A mini certificate of authenticity with the number in the series is included.

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